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Why SEO Ranking Software is Important

Posted by mark kandinov

Sep 3, 2012 7:00:00 AM

When you make the pivotal decision to move the bulk of your businesses marketing plan to cyberspace, you will need a survey of internet marketing solutions to best maximize your eventual success at with this relatively new form of promotion.  SEO techniques (SEO stands for search engine optimization) have only really spearheaded the marketing efforts of so many companies in the last decade; if even that long.  With the inherent advantages the online form of promotion has over more traditional forms of marketing, businesses are finding the return-on-investment they get from marketing online to be imperative just to compete these days, and you don’t want to be left behind in this race.

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What Can SEO Do For You

SEO is all about using as little money as reasonable for as great return as possible.  Of course, business has always had this aspect to it; but no other forms of marketing can currently embody this better than website promotion, even with all the oversight companies and website management teams that a company might need to do it properly.  Because the people already exist who are trying to reach out to the things your company offers, all you have to do is find the doorway – or better yet; construct the doorway – to allow them in.

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You can make use of strategies such as email marketing, social media, inbound marketing, and building backlinks using anchor-text to lead the search engines back to your website, which has the effect of propelling your website up through the search engine results pages, which will improve search engine ranking and make your site show up for more keyword searches by potential consumers.  Indeed; there is nothing more important in SEO than your website ranking in these pages, because each page – in fact; each numbered position – has associated with it a general number of hits, with the lower numbers obviously having more clicks from visitors.  If you can make it to the first page of Google search for a good keyword, your profits will skyrocket, because the difference between page 1 and page 2 is massive, as are the differences between even results on the first page from each other.


Keeping Track of Your Position


The best way to gauge your company’s online website promotion efforts is with the use of SEO ranking software.  It can take quite some time, depending on the consistency of your efforts and the skill of the company you’ve hired to oversee your website marketing efforts, to see results in the search engines for competitive keywords.  A suite of SEO reporting tools can help you show up in the latter pages of Google search; but how will you know when you get there and for what keywords?  Oftentimes, you may have targeted a keyword but actually be ranking for a similar one, and you wouldn’t know this without the right software.

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There is a final benefit of having good software to aid your SEO efforts: it will help you know which keywords to vigorously promote, as well as how much other techniques – such as social media, email marketing, etc – are contributing to your rank.  As your experience increases, you will be able to give great guesses as to how many articles you will need to market, or backlinks to build, to get from one page to another in the search results. 

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