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Difference Between Managed IT Services in NYC and Everywhere Else

Posted by Dennis Chernik

Jan 4, 2013 6:00:00 AM

In the realm of managed services, there is a lot to think about and you only get so much time to simply mull over it. In the big city you need to make sure you are doing everything to the best extent possible because if you do not someone else is going to. The Big Apple demands that everybody put forth their ‘A’ game because there is simply no room to fail in such a highly saturated market. This applies to just about everything a company could theoretically do.

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It really does not matter what kind of function your company performs as its standard operation. If you do just about anything in the modern world you are going to need some kind of IT services. If you have been milling around with little to nothing in the online world you are doing yourself a huge disservice that you are eventually going to come to regret. Simply put, you have to get online and do so in a serious fashion if you expect to be taken seriously nowadays. For a lot of companies, outsourcing their security management is a great step toward working at the top level and being mediocre. In NYC, you can't get away with the latter.

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Any kind of servers you may use are complicated devices that require a lot of tending to on a regular basis. If someone is not making sure the server is safe then it will eventually be compromised in one of many different ways. In some parts of the world having server downtime and even having your entire company intranet be shut down is an acceptable part of doing business. But one of the reasons why server management services are such a popular outsourced tool in NYC is that performing at your best is one of the primary hallmarks of being in NYC in the first place.

Having your servers managed by an on site tech crew might at first sound like it is the best of all the possible ideas you could consider. But underneath the surface there is another issue at hand. In fact, there are several and they all come down to your time and your money. While having an IT staff of your own might seem like the most efficient option, in a lot of cases it is actually one of the least efficient methods of operating that is possible.

First off, having your own dedicated IT staff is a major commitment of your company's resources. When your company has to pay the salaries and benefits of your IT staff, you have a major resource commitment that you have to contend with on a regular basis. While IT staff are always going to be expensive, in NYC the costs of these individuals are going to be even higher. Everything is more expensive in New York City.

But aside from the people you have to employ in order to keep your servers functioning, you also have to buy and maintain the servers themselves. Network security management starts with the guts of the network itself, and that is your servers. 

In most places in the world it is not that expensive to have a server room that is clean and climate controlled. Even the power supplies that most servers need are reasonably low costs in most areas. However, in New York this is not the case. The premium pricing for any space is extreme in this area and simply keeping a room set aside for your servers here is a cost you do not want to bear if you can avoid doing so.

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There is also the difference in quality in NYC versus anywhere else. In most places in the world you can get away with using mediocre people and paying them the mediocre rates that they are going to earn. But in New York, you are going to be dealing with people who know that they have to bring their ‘A’ game on a daily basis. These people tend to charge accordingly. Outsourcing can still save you the premium that you have to pay people who actually live in the city, though.

Simply put, outsourcing your server management in NYC is different not only because your costs are going to be lower through outsourcing here. The biggest difference is that the quality level that you can both expect and demand in New York is just that much higher than what you can expect if you go anywhere else for your IT services.

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