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Taylor Carty

Taylor Carty
Taylor is a content writer and media journalist for Etech 7. She specializes in covering leading IT news and tech events. When she is not in the office, you can find her playing with the latest tech gadgets and apps.
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Is Blockchain Changing The Way Businesses Operate?


Google’s cloud summit: How Google is changing the way we utilize the Cloud

Google has its hand in almost everything from smartphones to self-driving cars. With an already solidified web presence, it’s only right that Google would use its suite to help companies integrate all their inner business workings into their Cloud. New York City is one of many...

Is your business due for a digital transformation?


Stand out CE Week Tech innovations and products.


This past week in NYC, CE Week partnered with GetGeeked and Show Stoppers to host their annual CE Week “business to everyone” event (B2E). Taking place from July 12th to July 13th, the event showcased hundreds of amazing new tech innovations and products. Every year, CE Week...

Tech connect: Finding the perfect tech jobs at DeveloperWeek

DeveloperWeek in New York City is the largest developer conference and expo in the country. DevWeek gives tech companies from all over the US the opportunity to acquire new views on tech and interact with up and coming tech talent. Companies are always looking to grow teams an...

NYC 20th International Cloud Expo


 Entrance to the Cloud Expo at the Jacob Javits Center.


New York City Small Business Expo 2017

There is no better place to network with start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs other than the Small Business Expo.


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