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Taylor Carty

Taylor Carty
Taylor is a content writer and media journalist for Etech 7. She specializes in covering leading IT news and tech events. When she is not in the office, you can find her playing with the latest tech gadgets and apps.
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The NYC Cybersecurity Conference: Teaching Small Businesses How To Protect Themselves From Threats.


The NYC Cybersecurity conference, hosted by Data Connectors, featured over sixty vendors and held over twelve educational speaker sessions. Some of the hot topics of the conference were email security, VoIP, LAN security, and wireless security. Business is more vulnerable th...

Etech7's 5 Black Friday Shopping Tips

We are rapidly approaching the most wonderful time of the year. But, before we get there we must battle one of the biggest holiday shopping days of the year. There is no better time then right now to organize your shopping list and plan your Black Friday tech shopping. It can ...

ETech7 Attends FinTech Venture Day NYC

Last month, IE School Of Business hosted one of their 50+ Fintech Venture Day’s in New York City. This unique program was created to explore the “second wave” of FinTech (financial technology) and the new products and challenges it has produced. FinTech Venture Day was an even...

The Bronx Business Expo: Helping small business in The Bronx grow.


Growing a small business in The Bronx takes dedication and perseverance. Although The Bronx is considered the poorest borough in New York, It has two decades of economic growth and has shown an increase in private sector jobs by 20%,  according to NYC Borough Trends & Insigh...

Is Blockchain Changing The Way Businesses Operate?


Every company knows that data threats are real and serious. Which is why companies make sure to secure their data using firewalls and antivirus software. In the past, these methods were enough to stop any data hacker.

But not anymore.

Contrary to popular belief, skilled ha...

Google’s cloud summit: How Google is changing the way we utilize the Cloud

Google has its hand in almost everything from smartphones to self-driving cars. With an already solidified web presence, it’s only right that Google would use its suite to help companies integrate all their inner business workings into their Cloud. New York City is one of many...

Is your business due for a digital transformation?

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION is a buzz word we can't seem to stop talking about. Now, you may be asking yourself, “what exactly is a digital transformation and how will it improve my business?'”

Stand out CE Week Tech innovations and products.

This past week in NYC, CE Week partnered with GetGeeked and Show Stoppers to host their annual CE Week “business to everyone” event (B2E). Taking place from July 12th to July 13th, the event showcased hundreds of amazing new tech innovations and products. Every year, CE Week b...

Tech connect: Finding the perfect tech jobs at DeveloperWeek

DeveloperWeek in New York City is the largest developer conference and expo in the country. DevWeek gives tech companies from all over the US the opportunity to acquire new views on tech and interact with up and coming tech talent. Companies are always looking to grow teams an...

NYC 20th International Cloud Expo

Sys-Con’s Cloud Expo is the only expo that brings together Cloud Computing, Big Data, Industrial IoT, Artificial intelligence, Containers, DevOps, Digital transformation, and much more to New York City Every year since 2008. The Cloud Expo offers a wide selection of more than ...

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Welcome to ETech 7's blog. Here you can find the latest news, advice, and tips on scaling and automating a business by leveraging the power of information technology.

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