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Why Website Design Should Be at the Top of Any SEO Firm's List

Posted by mark kandinov

Dec 16, 2012 6:00:00 AM

When you consult with the SEO Firms about the various components of web marketing and website optimization, your company's web design itself may sometimes feel like more of a back burner issue. After all, a lot of people think that the design of a website is only concerned with aesthetic details such as how the site looks, as opposed to a lot of the other factors that make a site either successful at its intended purpose or not. However, the design of your website can do a lot to either make or break your success overall, and much of that success has very little to do with how the site looks.

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Your website needs to be well designed for a lot of reasons. For one thing, a site that has bad links or that isn't linked well to itself is not going to be well referenced by the search engines. For another thing, a website where there are accidental no-follow tags or a lot of very similar content isn't going to do as well as a website where every page can be crawled by the search engine spiders and where every page is unique. Beyond the more functional reasons, having a good looking website is also useful because it will be more likely to draw in traffic that comes back.

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Nowadays subtlety rules the day. You neither need nor want a website that is gaudily decked out in bright colors, playing music and having a large custom cursor. When your website is serious-looking, you'll be taken more seriously. After all, even the best SEO campaign in the world is not going to do as well when it all leads to a website that the target customers look at with their heads cocked to one side. Your website's design can either make or break your credibility depending on how you work the situation.

Of course, your website's look is far from everything. Within the carefully muted color scheme and professionally arranged images and font layout, there is also a distinctly functional aspect that you would be wise to pay careful attention to. One of the main components of your SEO is your link structure and the presence of certain tags. If either of these two small variables is out of alignment, your entire website is going to suffer for it in terms of search engine attention and ultimately through search traffic.

Links are a crucial component of being noticed by search engines. While any SEO firm could tell you that, sometimes they neglect to mention what they consider to be obvious about links; your internal links are at least as important as your external ones are. While your website may have a ton of links coming in from other sites because you're seen as a great resource, ultimately this will not do you very much good if your internal links don't connect very well to one another. Having broken links is an unprofessional level of website design, and you don't have to take it.

The search engines penalize sites that have broken links because they're unable to access every part of the site. Ideally, your internal pages should link to one another and have complementary keywords and phrases to help you attract more diverse traffic. This way, you can attract a larger group of people who are searching for the same things in different ways, such as contractors and homeowners who are both looking for sliding doors.

Your website needs to be well designed if it's going to attract the search engines. While search engine traffic isn't everything, the same reasons the search engines appreciate a well-built site are also pleasant to human eyes and minds.

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