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Are IT Services in New York Better Than in Other States?

Posted by Dennis Chernik

Jan 21, 2013 6:00:00 AM

In the world of IT services, New York is a great state overall. However, it doesn't have that many advantages over other states beyond the economy of scale that comes from having a serious heavy hitter inside it. When you have one of the largest cities in the world as part of your state, you can do things that a lot of other states simply can't do. From an outsource helpdesk to any other kind of outsourced IT support, New York has a few advantages over most other states.

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New York City isn't the capital of New York but it is certainly the largest city in the state. With millions of people all in one place and jockeying to be the best in their respective fields, this is one of the most ambitious places in the world and has many of the most high level professionals possible. While the  managed services pricing level might be higher in New York than in most other places, you have to pay for high quality in anything. Paying for outsourcing is often a great investment in your business and its growth.

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New York has a great deal of people and businesses that deliver at the top level because of the sheer volume of people who are working to be the best at what they do. In most states you will have to work hard, but in New York working hard is generally how you even get into town. Just working hard tends to be the road to mediocrity in a place like this. To really reach the top, you have to push a lot harder and smarter. Even in a generally commoditized field like IT support the New York state of mind is pervasive.

Naturally, great customer service in helpdesk support can come from virtually anywhere. All it takes to be great with a helpdesk is to be knowledgeable, friendly and available to help out whenever that help is needed. But while most anyone in any corner of the globe could theoretically equal the level that you are bound to find in New York, for the most part they lack the level of drive that it takes to make such a level into a reality.

When you need great IT services, you need to find a company that is going to treat you well and know what they are talking about. In New York you can find this if you know what not to go for in a company. Some of the traits that you are going to want to avoid are companies that have few or bad overall reviews, seem to barely know what they are talking about when you ask them questions about how they will take care of you and your network or that seem unfriendly or like they would rather not have you "bothering" them.

If you call an IT company and it seems as if you are talking to a bad group of people, you do not need to continue playing their game. You really do not even need to start. Simply put, you know you can do better and they do not deserve your business or your time. You do not have the time nor the need to teach a bad company how to be good. If they are like most bad companies they will not even listen anyway.

The problems with companies that come from a long way away start with a lack of accountability. If you deal with someone who operates on the other side of the world, it is all but impossible to enforce your contract with them. In the same vein, if you work with a company that is on the other side of the country you are also not likely to get their best level of service. For most people out of sight is generally out of mind.

So to answer the question conclusively about whether you are going to get better IT services out of a New York company than you would out of another company, the answer is a definite yes in almost every case. Going with a company from a hungry place is almost certain to give you a hungry company. Then all you have to do is check their references and you are good to go.

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