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How is Tech Support in NYC Different Than Other Cities?

Posted by Dennis Chernik

Jan 28, 2013 6:00:00 AM

In the world of tech support, it is implied that the cliché of New York City as a gritty and aggressive city makes it a bad place to receive good tech support. Since tech support personnel are supposed to be friendly and kind, it is implied that in a city like New York they would have to be tough and mean. But this is not the case at all. In fact, some of the most helpful and professional people you will ever meet are in the New York area. Just like the best people from nearly every profession you can imagine, many of the best tech support personnel work in New York.

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When it comes to tech support, NYC is a great place to find the right companies because this is a very hungry area. Everyone who expects to make it in New York City knows that they have to bring their A game every day of the week. If they do not bring their very best, they know that they are not going to make it and they will be buried by their competition. Customer service is particularly necessary because if you can't motivate people to want to talk to you, you are not going to get them to pay you for most any kind of services that you may be able to provide for them. You are not Dr. House and you cannot be cruel and insensitive and expect people to use your services anyway.

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Fortunately, for managed services New York is a great place to reside and outsource to a company outside the big city. The premium pricing of space in NYC makes it extremely cost prohibitive to host your own servers, so outsourcing server space from an off site provider is generally a wise idea. In the same vein, hiring your own technicians is also a far more expensive proposition in the city itself than it would be in most other places.

When you need to outsource and take on managed services, NYC shows that the hunger to succeed makes the level of customer services you receive that much better than you would get in most places. In order to succeed, a company needs to provide you with the best you can possibly get or you can easily go elsewhere. The hunger of the people who live in New York shows itself in the knowledge of how easily second rate companies can be replaced.

So for managed IT services, NY is a significant talent pool from which to draw the best from. Just keep in mind that it is never a good idea to go with the first company that sounds like it might be good. Just because a company is good does not mean that it is the best option you can find. Being "good" also does not mean that a given company is the best available deal out there. When you will only work with the best it tends to open up a lot of doors for you.

However, the quality level of the tech support you are going to find in NYC is not the only difference versus other cities. You will also find that in most cases you are still going to end up saving money versus trying to keep your servers in line and handle tech support issues yourself, though the investment may be larger. The reason it may cost extra to outsource to a company in NYC is because the accountability is there when it might not be with a company that operates from somewhere else.

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A lot of companies that seem to be headquartered locally actually subcontract a lot of what they do. It may seem to be housed in the States but may have its server farms in Mexico or overseas. While this is generally not a significant problem from a technical perspective, legally it can cause problems if something ever goes wrong.

If something goes wrong, everyone is going to immediately look for a party to sue. If you are the biggest target you are going to get the most lawsuits directed at you. This will happen whether you are solely at fault, marginally at fault or even if you "might" be at fault. Some people do not care one way or the next. When you work with a company that operates locally, you can rest assured that you can investigate their reputation completely and be satisfied that they are legal and can back up every claim they make. This will protect you from taking a lot of flak if something ever does go wrong.

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