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Outsourcing IT Department Functions Like a Boss

Posted by Chris Hodge

Feb 25, 2013 6:00:00 AM

In the world of small business IT outsourcing, there is a lot to know and still more to consider before you make up your mind. On the one hand, there is a significant confirmed savings on the operational and maintenance side of your IT infrastructure that comes about when you outsource this kind of operation. However, just like everything else in life there are potential pitfalls if you outsource in a clumsy or careful fashion. Outsourcing like a boss requires you to be a clear headed thinker and to operate logically.

Outsourcing IT

When your company first sets out to outsource IT support functions, you may encounter some resistance among your fellow stakeholders in the company about making such a potentially large and drastic change to the way things had previously been going. While any kind of change can inspire fear and make people nervous, the potential for both savings and the capacity to produce higher levels of income through your core operations are not to be ignored under any circumstances.


Consider for a moment the notion of outsourcing IT department functionality to an outside company. While some people would consider this to be tantamount to disabling a significant part of their existing company, a more enlightened view would reveal that this is actually a great way to keep your IT department and use it to the best of its ability level. Consider that the standard work load of most IT departments is to primarily put out proverbial fires all over your network. However, when your IT department is able to engage its creative insights in a way that goes beyond merely dealing with the latest slew of problems, you have the option to use their creativity to help your business grow further than it could otherwise.


Consider how much your time is worth for a moment. How much does a single wasted hour cost you and your company over the next year because of great ideas you either were not able to focus on or could not even record because you were distracted by something menial? How many wasted hours do you believe you have put into considering how your IT hardware and its systems are functioning this year alone? How many years has this been going on? Furthermore, consider how your entire IT department may have been spending the lifetime of your company thus far worrying about issues that could easily have been outsourced, which ultimately cost them untold hours of potentially creative and highly functional time that can be never be regained.


There is definitely a cost associated with outsourcing any kind of IT functions. However, this is a reasonably simple business expense to express and justify due to the fact that your ultimate savings are going to go far further than you could possibly have used the money in most other contexts. Consider that when you make a small short-term investment into the procurement and contracting of your outsourcing that you then get to save a significant amount of the money you would have otherwise spent on upkeep and other related maintenance on your IT hardware.


There is a feeling of risk many people in business management take on when they begin the process of outsourcing their IT operations. However, this is a risk that is almost entirely in the mind of the person taking it on because the far larger danger is that vital time and money will otherwise be wasted on less valuable pursuits. The facts say that you are not risking your money, and common sense says that you are almost guaranteed to save your time. There are no compelling reasons not to take the plunge and begin work immediately.

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