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5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your IT Support

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If there’s one thing constant in the world of technology, it’s innovation. As technology continues to change how the world functions, businesses are under more pressure to support and manage their IT needs. Whether it’s growing costs or unmanageable workloads, maybe it’s time to look into managed IT services and NYC IT consulting.


First things first, what are managed IT services?


Managed IT services are types of outsourced services that provide scalable, affordable, and reliable IT solutions to a business. The core principle behind managed IT services is for companies to focus on driving the business forward, nurturing relationships with clients, or looking for new leads instead of worrying about their IT needs.


Do you think it’s time for you to outsource your IT support? Let ETech 7 walk you through the different signs you should look out for to know when it’s time to outsource your IT!


Unresolved Tickets

In-house IT team working longer hours to keep up with unresolved tickets? We understand that growing your business should always be your top priority but we also understand that the day-to-day operations do not pause. Broken printers, intermittent Internet connection, network problems could all contribute to your IT team’s headaches.


The bread and butter for any business is excellent response time. If you notice that your IT team is spending more time fixing your company’s needs more than introducing new technology to the business, then maybe it’s time to look into managed IT services.


Investing in managed IT services, especially for small businesses, will prove to be effective as small businesses tend to work with smaller teams thus making IT costs cheaper compared to hiring an exclusive in-house IT team.


Rapid Growth

Rapid growth means an increased bottom line, right? While technically true, rapid growth also means an increasing demand for manpower. For most small businesses, IT plays a significant role in keeping a business afloat. And, as a result, if your IT needs are becoming unsustainable, chances are your main business functions will suffer.


The best solution? Scalable IT support. One of the best things about managed IT services is that it’s scalable. This means that companies can pick and choose which services they need at that point in time. In addition, companies that are not yet ready to fully outsource their IT will always have the option to outsource a part of their IT needs as part of their main IT team.


Managed IT Services Make More Sense Financially

Another core principle of managed services is improving your operations without breaking the bank. This means that while it is generally cheaper, managed IT services won’t compromise quality. Managed IT service providers have expert staff that is more than likely to be certified by top IT certifying bodies. If you’re a business that doesn’t have IT as your core expertise, it might be a great idea to talk to a managed IT service provider first to have an idea of what you need and how much it’s worth.


Focus on Your Core Competencies

Here at ETech 7, some companies that inquire about our services are small businesses that have 10-20 employees with one person handling all their IT needs. And, most of the time, CEOs of these companies are also helping in figuring out fixes for their company’s IT problems.


Why spend your time figuring out why your company’s experiencing network problems? Or server issues? Or downtime? When you could be spending your time growing the business instead?


With managed IT services, you and your staff can effectively work towards growing the business and providing your core competencies rather than worrying about your IT needs. In addition, managed IT services will also work to proactively monitor and maintain your IT to avoid downtime and keep your business running.


Innovation Schminnovation

In an age where technology keeps improving business functions, companies that don’t adapt get left behind. And, as mentioned above, if your IT team focuses on fixing your IT problems on a daily basis--they won’t have the time to introduce new types of technology to improve your day-to-day operations.


Thankfully, with managed IT services, your business wouldn’t have to lag behind. When you outsource tech support, your company will benefit from the oversight of multiple IT experts that would study your business and then innovate how you work. In doing so, you ensure that your business is competitive and ahead of the competition.


Is It Too Good to Be True?

Well, it really is good and it really is true. Managed IT services are tailored to suit your small, medium, or large-sized company no matter what your needs may be. If we piqued your interest, visit our website at for a list of our services. You can also avail of our free consultation here!


ETech 7 is a managed IT services and IT support provider in NYC. We provide quality IT support services ranging from small business IT support to large business server management. ETech 7 strives to deliver affordable and reliable solutions for your IT needs while leveraging state-of-the-art software available.


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