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ETech 7: Where is Managed IT Headed?

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In a world of constant – and rapid - digital innovation, IT professionals are now admitting that as technology grows, the mundane tasks that they must do on a daily basis grow with it.


And, as day-to-day tasks grow, companies are now recognizing that manpower is also going to be an issue in the constant upward trajectory of technology. Gone are the days when IT professionals were afraid that outsourcing some processes could cost them their jobs – it is now considered an absolute necessity more than ever.



The problem is – as task loads increase, the amount of people remains the same – leaving too much work for too few people… The question now is – how would companies cope?




The answer, surprisingly, couldn’t be found in technology alone. It’s actually a mix of technology and service.


Exceptional managed IT services, to be exact.





It’s not that easy though.


Managed IT service is a type of outsourced service that provides reliable, affordable, and timely solutions to a business’ IT needs.




Nowadays, various managed IT service providers exist to help your business cover your IT needs which, in turn, allow businesses to lower costs and become more effective in day-to-day operations. These services may vary from server management, customer support, to sever backup.


But what exactly is its role in IT’s future then? Simple – efficiency, security, and – most importantly – data protection.


 Okay. Let me break it down for you.


In today’s world – data is king. Almost every single business decision now relies on supporting data acquired through different channels.




That’s where security comes in.


Companies prioritize security now more than ever. With the threat of cyber-attacks coming from any direction at any time – companies are willing to invest more and more money into beefing up their protection.






Data management, data protection, and other preventative measures.


Overall, it looks as though IT is headed to an era wherein data and data protection is key. It is now up to managed IT service providers to meet that demand and ensure that security is prioritized above all else and – if security measures fail – have contingency plans (like cloud-based disaster recoveries) to recover important files and guarantee business continuity.


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