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Key 2019 Trends for IT Support in NYC

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IT Support Trends 2019


One thing is always certain in the tech world - innovation. And with innovation comes change. Technology is constantly evolving, and the people who support those technologies have absolutely no choice but to adapt. Emil Isanov, CEO of ETech 7 - a leading managed IT services firm in NYC, gives a peek on what to expect in the IT services and support industry for the rest of 2019.


Cloud Computing and Offsite Hardware

"Probably the most common question we get from our clients is "what is the cloud?" says Isanov. "Most of the inquiries that we receive, coming from different types of industries, have a common denominator of hearing the word 'cloud' thrown around by a lot of people and they feel like they have to get on board the cloud train as well."

So... What really is this "cloud"?


"I usually tell my clients to treat the cloud as not only a tool but also a method of delivering outsourced IT support," begins Isanov. "To migrate your services to the cloud means that you're creating a more centralized architecture to access your data. Instead of having files on a physical desktop, you put them in the cloud. Instead of loading software from a flash drive, you can access it anywhere with cloud-based apps - as long as you have an Internet connection. Cloud services make accessing your information and your software/applications significantly easier and make software updates a breeze."


This trend of moving away from hardware and software that is physically in front of the user to cloud computing and other "offsite measures" isn't just because it's more convenient - it just makes sense overall.


"In New York City, where space is expensive, companies are realizing that they don't need to invest in bulky servers. Managed service providers can set a business up with something called a managed server plan," says Isanov.


A managed server plan is basically a measure that's placed by your IT services provider in order for you to remotely access a server without having to buy and own a physical one. Companies can then get the benefit of having a server without all the hassle of constant maintenance and where to store it.


But why doesn't every company invest in a managed server plan?


"Managed server plans, while great for some companies, won't be compatible with everyone," says Isanov. "If you're a small to medium-sized business, then having a managed server offsite could really help your business, but once you start growing - it might also be wise to invest on your own dedicated servers."


Outsourcing and The Personal Touch

Nowadays, we feel entirely comfortable outsourcing. Gone are the days when IT professionals were afraid that outsourcing some parts of their job description could cost them their jobs - in today's world, outsourcing is an absolute necessity. This doesn't mean that you should get rid of your internal IT departments, no. It just means that if you can't handle ALL of it, seeking help is always a good idea.


"Many of our clients come from companies where IT departments were seen as not profitable," says Isanov. "That's entirely true for most small to medium business where extra IT staff doesn't really make much financial sense. Most of the hesitation from ETech 7's clients is that when they hear 'IT outsourcing,' they immediately think generic customer service representatives that wouldn't be able to help them out in dire/serious situations."


That's just not the case.


Remember the break-fix model from decades ago? When you only call for IT support when something breaks and then someone comes in and fixes it? Those days are long gone.


IT support is now seen as something that could make or break your company's operations.


"Here at ETech 7, we take that seriously. Our IT support New York packages are scalable and customizable to whatever demands your company might have. However, we also try and advise our clients to always think of the bigger picture and make sure that quality is prioritized over price," says Isanov. "Our helpdesk support are certified and are trained to value customer service more than anything else."


At the end of the day, no matter what type of service you are outsourcing, it would all still boil down to people appreciating quality service. Any type of service provider would tell you that their whole business profits from repeat customers that go back to them time and time again because of the high-quality service that they provide.


"People appreciate a more personalized touch when it comes to services. If we didn't give our clients the time, appreciation, and priority that they deserve, then we would be out of business by now. Luckily, some of our clients have been with us for almost a decade now so that alone speaks of what type of service we provide," Isanov adds.


Still unconvinced? Or do you want to know more about IT support and how it can help your business? ETech 7 offers a free network check for your business - click the link to find out more.


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