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Decoding the Difference Between Managed IT Services vs Break-Fix

Managed IT Services vs Break-Fix




In the swiftly advancing landscape of the digital era, the tether between businesses and technology has grown profoundly stronger.

It's rather alarming to note, as highlighted by the National Cyber Security Alliance, that an overwhelming 60% of enterprises face closure within a mere half-year following a cyber onslaught. Such data vividly accentuates the indispensable nature of steadfast IT backing.

“In the future of business, the choice between managed IT services and break-fix will not just be about cost, but about survival,” ~Emil Isanov - CEO and Founder of ETech 7

In the ensuing discussion, we will explore the differences between managed IT services and the break-fix model. Our goal is to illuminate the merits and drawbacks of each, empowering you to take a decision that best suits your organization’s needs.


Understanding the Basics: What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services, at its core, is a proactive approach. Instead of waiting for something to break, providers continuously monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure.

This ensures that potential issues are identified and addressed before they escalate. For you, this means fewer disruptions and more predictable costs.


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The Traditional Approach: What is Break-Fix?

Break-fix is the old-school method.

When something breaks, you call someone to fix it. It's reactive, often leading to longer downtimes. While it might seem cost-effective initially, unforeseen issues can quickly escalate costs.


Managed IT Services vs Break-Fix: The Core Differences

The primary difference between these two models is their approach: proactive vs reactive. With managed IT services, you're investing in prevention, while break-fix is more about curing existing problems.

A study by CompTIA found that businesses using managed IT services reported 50% fewer IT issues compared to those using break-fix models. This not only translates to smoother operations but also significant cost savings in the long run.





Evaluating Your Business Needs: Break-Fix vs Managed IT Services

When deciding between these two models, consider the following:

Size and Nature of Your Business: Larger businesses with complex IT needs might benefit more from managed IT services.

Budget: While managed IT services have a predictable monthly fee, break-fix can lead to unexpected costs.

IT Infrastructure Complexity: The more complex your IT setup, the more you'll benefit from proactive monitoring.

Future Growth and Scalability: If you plan to grow, a managed IT service can scale with you, ensuring your IT needs are always met.


The Risks and Rewards: Making an Informed Decision

Choosing the right IT model is not just about costs; it's about aligning your IT strategy with your business goals.

The break-fix model might seem appealing due to its pay-as-you-go nature, but the potential pitfalls in terms of downtime and lost productivity can be significant.

On the other hand, managed IT services offer long-term benefits, ensuring that your IT infrastructure evolves with the changing technological landscape.


Table: Managed IT Services vs Break-Fix at a Glance


Managed IT Services





Cost Structure

Predictable Monthly Fee

Unpredictable Repair Costs








Difference Between Managed IT Services vs Break-Fix


Make the Choice Between Managed IT Services vs Break-Fix with ETech 7 as Your IT Partner


ETech 7 brings unparalleled expertise and support to the table, with a strong focus on cybersecurity and data protection.

With over 12 years in the business and a combined experience of 72 years, our team ensures that your data remains secure, and any potential threats are proactively addressed. Our unique ransomware-proof backup system guarantees that your data can always be restored.

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