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The New Normal: Walk-in Clients and On-Site IT Support Tips During COVID-19

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IT Support during COVID-19


As the world continues to grapple with the global COVID-19 pandemic, we here at ETech 7 would like to say that our thoughts are with the people affected and the frontliners working tirelessly to help those in need. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to the essential workers that are continuing to provide the services that keep society running. 


During these uncertain times, it's always best to equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge to be able to fight an invisible enemy. And, when it comes to your safety and the safety of our technicians, it's no different. Here are some of the safety protocols we have developed to address the new normal





We bring our own equipment (and cleaning supplies if needed!)

To avoid risk of transmission, our technicians have been advised to bring their ETech 7 equipment to on-site assignments and projects. After every use, each tool will be sanitized to guarantee the overall cleanliness of our equipment and the safety of our technicians. 






We also have protective equipment on at all times 

When it comes to managed IT services, New York especially, masks are required even before you are allowed to enter an office building. However, we also recognize that personal protective equipment (PPE) isn’t a requirement in all states or by all employers. ETech 7 is taking a proactive approach to help safeguard your health as well as the health of others around us. We have instructed our technicians to wear masks and protective gloves at all times whenever we provide on-site IT support. 






We try to avoid close contact as much as possible

At times, close contact can’t be helped especially when providing on-site IT support. Ideally, however, we would like you to identify a time and date when you won’t be using your workspace so we can maintain a safe distance. If close contact can’t be helped, we suggest maintaining a distance of at least six feet between you and our IT technician at all times. We are also open to servicing your needs during Saturdays and Sundays when most of your employees are at home to ensure that the risk of exposure and transmission is close to none. 






We'll wipe down everything we touched 

If you are unable to provide us with cleaning supplies, let us know! Even if our technicians have their PPEs on at all times, we will still wipe down everything that we touched. 


But what about our office? If you’re thinking of visiting our office then you are required to comply with our office guidelines. The CDC recommends strict guidelines for office buildings to ensure the safety of employees. Here at ETech 7, we have adapted to the new normal by ensuring that our workspaces are properly spaced out in accordance with the recommendations of world health experts. We are also requiring all of our employees to wear face masks in the office to minimize the risk of infection. Thankfully, our office is also set-up with windows that we can open every now and then now that the weather is nice and warm. We also enforce our policies to our walk-in clients and provide them with protective equipment and hand sanitizers if need be. 


Our IT technicians are working diligently and taking all the necessary precautions to adhere to the CDC’s safety and social distancing guidelines. The only thing we ask from our valued clients is patience. Please understand that the safety of our technicians is our number one priority and that they may need a bit of time to assess the safest way to deliver the support that you need.


Do you have any questions? Hit us up in the comments below. Stay safe out there!

Andro Yuson

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