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Twitter Redesign: Hate It or Love It, I Think We're Stuck with It

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Noticed the new Twitter website redesign? The one you could opt out of a couple of months back?


Now it's here.


And it's here to stay.


A couple of months ago, Twitter users started noticing a message saying "A whole new Twitter is coming. New features and a new look are launching soon. Bookmarks, account switching, dark mode, and so much more - before long, you'll be able to see what's happening even faster!" 

Peep this Twitter alert below:


Twitter Redesign


Twitter Edit Button vs Twitter Redesign

A lot of people have been clamoring for years now for a way to edit tweets that may contain some typo error or an inaccurate take. However, it looks like Twitter went full dark mode *see what we did there?* and gave us something we didn't really need.


To be fair, the redesign looks more optimized for mobile users (which makes up about 80% of the entire Twitter population) and it contains the much-awaited Explore feature which compiles your interests as well as shows you content you might like. Think of an Instagram Explore page but this time with hashtags and relevant interests. In addition, Twitter has also added a new navigation sidebar that lets you see new messages and notifications easier. 


Don't believe us? See for yourselves! Check out the old vs new comparison below.


Here's the old version:


Twitter Old Version


And here's the new one:


Twitter Redesign Version


So, is this redesigned version of Twitter here to stay?

"It's hard to tell. We couldn't remember any other social media giant caving in and reverting back to an older version after a major overhaul. Especially if the only reason is that people don't like it. With how it looks, we're pretty sure this redesigned version of Twitter is here to stay."- Emil Isanov


Can you opt out of the Twitter redesign?

Before, there were ways to opt out of it like the opt-out browser extension and the "opt-out of redesign" option on your Twitter settings. But now, the option to opt-out is gone and the opt-out extension doesn't seem to work.


We just have to wait and see if this would affect Twitter's numbers just like the time Snapchat redesigned the whole way we snap and... we all know it's never been the same since.


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