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3 Big Ways Managed IT Services Save You Money

Managed IT services can save your company money In a money conscious society it isn’t uncommon to clip coupons in the living room or optimize on every and any two for one deal. From phone plans to insurance, we’re programmed to attain the best bang for our buck, and when we FAIL, we feel cheated, scammed, and fooled.

Managed IT services are the new RED. By choosing a Managed IT Services plan, you’re helping your business, along with your pocket.

Read on to learn how Managed IT Services can help save you money, both now and in the future.


1. Being predictable isn’t so bad afterall


Have you ever gone to purchase something you needed, only to find that it’s much more expensive than you thought? We’ve all experienced that little kick-in-the-stomach feeling when the price isn’t what it was supposed to be. Everyone dreads opening up their credit card bill when the amount could be any of multiple numbers. So too, It’s highly unnerving to receive a bill for any service that varies dramatically from month to month.



Choosing to team up with a Managed IT Service Provider guarantees reliability and consistency. Outsourcing your information technology needs through a professional managed IT service provider allows you to select a full coverage plan for your business. This means that no matter the amount of services your company utilizes, the rate is monthly and standard. Small and start up sized companies tend to opt in for this type of full coverage plan because it is an all inclusive package offering a variety of services from hardware configuration, to server virtualization, to network security. Not to mention data backup, managed network, and cloud hosting, which all allow you to access your information from just about anywhere.


With a monthly rate, as opposed to a break-fix rate, there are no surprise fees and no funny business -- so when something crashes or blows, you’re covered and so is your pocket. Every company undergoes stages where tech support remains on speed dial. Imagine having unlimited access to your IT folk without worrying about your tab tripling in size.Outsourcing IT services is a great way to save your company money




2. Weekend migration minimizes downtime


If you’re working with an experienced and qualified managed IT service company, you won’t have to worry about losing business when it comes time to move. Relocating office spaces can be a huge hassle and result in serious downtime for your business. Luckily, by hiring an IT provider and saving your big move for the weekend, you can expect no more than one day of downtime, and near zero financial loss. Your provider will begin your move on a Friday and take care of the wiring ahead of time. They will also help you pack all of your IT equiptment so that everything is safely stored and organized. This way, you don't have to worry about anything coming broken out of the box.

Hiring an IT company to do your moving for you is essential. With all your company’s data on the line, leaving it to the professionals should be a no-brainer. The faster and more efficient your move, the less downtime, the less loss. After all, time is money. Two heads are better than one, managed IT services provide a team of diverse experts to manage all of your IT needs




3. Two heads are better than one


Often times a company will choose to hire one full time IT employee. One job, one person, one salary. Seems like a good idea, doesn’t it?




Although this approach may seem simple and reliable, it is now widely recognized that maintaining a functional IT system is more than a one man job. Now that IT outsourcing has become as essential aspect of business life, many have recognized just how wise it is financially. Choosing to hand off core functions of your business to lower-cost specialists has become a given. Why choose to pay one employee a full-time salary including benefits, when it's just as easy to hire a team of experts for a bite of the price?

Choosing a managed it service provider will save you money

And there you have it. When looking to automate your business and save money at the same time, choosing managed IT services is the way to be. Keep your wallet zipped and save the surpising receipts for your next dinner date. For a full managed IT services plan, or to figure out if one is the right choice for your business, inquire today!  Consult with an Expert

Emily Zimmer

Business Growth & Automation

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