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Emily Zimmer

Emily Zimmer
Emily is a content writer and marketer at ETech7. She specializes in creative and punchy articles and finds deep value in keeping things simple. In her free time, you'll find her hiking where ever she can in an ongoing attempt to escape NYC.
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Is Wearable Tech Really The Future?

As technology continues to thoroughly invade the 21st century, it is not uncommon to hear mixed responses.

It is fair to say that technology has been integrated into just about every aspect of our lives -- from controlling the temperature of our homes, to making sure our pets a...

In Honor Of MLK We Ask: Has Our "Moral Progress" Fallen Behind Our Progress In Science And Technology?

Today, Monday January 15, 2018 is none other than Martin Luther King, Jr Day in the United States of America. Many of us associate this day with getting out of school and work and taking a trip somewhere nice for the long weekend. Like all federal holidays Martin Luther King, Jr ...


These days, it is practically unacceptable to not be tech savvy. From robot vacuums, to smart phones, to 3D printers -- if you don’t spend your life scrolling and updating, you’ll never “fit in.”

3 Big Ways Managed IT Services Save You Money

In a money conscious society it isn’t uncommon to clip coupons in the living room or optimize on every and any two for one deal. From phone plans to insurance, we’re programmed to attain the best bang for our buck, and when we FAIL, we feel cheated, scammed, and fooled.

How The Apple Watch Changes The Way We Think About Death

I met the Apple Watch in person quite spontaneously when a friend of mine answered a call from his mother by raising his wrist to his ear. Welcome to 2017, people. 

What small business owners do to stay in the loop and succeed

Running a small business is never easy, and with technology updates coming out the wazoo, it only gets more complicated.

5 Signs Your Business is Ready to Outsource ITs IT Services

New York City has approximately 1,779,932 small businesses. In fact, NYC comes in second place, just behind LA as a hot spot for small business owners. Needless to say, the business world is on the move which means you should be too. Bright-eyed and ambitious, your central goal a...

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Welcome to ETech 7's blog. Here you can find the latest news, advice, and tips on scaling and automating a business by leveraging the power of information technology.

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