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DATA BACKUP: Onsite vs Offsite

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Depending on your business and what your requirements for data retention are, you may require onsite and offsite backup for your data. Finding a provider that offers both of these simultaneously can be a challenge, but it is well worth the effort. Both backup methods offer a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages when only one is utilized. Let’s take a look at these challenges before delving into what a multipurpose provider can do for your onsite and offsite backup needs.



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Advantages of onsite data backup
  • Backup is quick and simple to networked devices

  • Quick recovery from storage failure

  • Relatively low cost (a storage device is a one-time purchase)

  • Completely scalable, allowing you to add storage only when it is needed


data backup services

  • Human error comes into play, as someone has to physically perform the backup or transport the data to an offsite location

  • Vandalism and theft are risks with both onsite and offsite backup, yet they pose a much bigger danger when only onsite backup is used

  • Storage media and devices can be corruptible

  • Complete loss of data due to flood or fire


data backup plan

  • There are multiple copies of your backup data

  • Backup is completely automated, virtually eliminating the human error aspect

  • Unlimited data storage

  • As your data load grows, so will your storage capabilities

  • Backup data is stored within multiple locations


data backup strategies

  • Unlike combined onsite and offsite backup, offsite storage by itself can be costly

  • Internet access is required

  • Backup can be slow, depending on your bandwidth

  • Data restoration can be a lengthy process


So, how can you enjoy the benefits of onsite and offsite backup without having to worry about the disadvantages? You choose a data backup provider that can combine the convenience and accessibility of onsite backup with the safety and security of offsite storage. Businesses don’t need to invest in multiple services for business continuity, disaster recovery, and data backup. They can now find inexpensive and reliable onsite and offsite backup all-in-one.


data backup and recovery

Onsite: With an onsite and offsite backup provider, your onsite equipment outperforms your typical hard drive in the following ways:

  • Protected against falls of 15 feet or more

  • Theft, crush and shock proof

  • Waterproof and fireproof


Protecting your data assets has never been easier. The hard drive can be secured to various surfaces quickly and easily. With advanced security measures, you worry about your business, and let the onsite and offsite backup experts worry about your data assets.

  • Data can be backed up at the interval of your choosing, even in real-time

  • Your server will be impervious to data loss

  • Avoid costly interruptions

A prepared business is a successful business. Here is why an expert onsite and offsite backup provider can have you back up and running in mere minutes:

  • Snapshots of your server are continually taken, which records more than just the raw data

  • Everything is backed up, including your personal settings, configurations and applications

Offsite: A businesses that is properly protecting itself has its data stored in both onsite and offsite backup locations. An all-in-one solution can be inexpensive, yet completely scalable to meet all your business and security needs.


Here are some of the convenient offsite services an onsite and offsite backup provider can offer:

  • Drag and drop data entry

  • Dedicated web portal

  • Personal account representative

  • Access to online files

online data backup

Onsite and offsite backup is simple, if you choose the right provider. Choose a provider that offers mirror imaging, quick response time and a staff of Microsoft-certified experts. Even in the unfortunate event of substantial data loss, a plan for disaster recovery will already be in motion to get you back up and running.

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