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Does managed IT make your business more money?

Does IT make your business more money?

It could, but it’s not a guarantee that it will. I know you’re likely reading this on a website that’s trying to sell you IT services and you’d expect me to say that it undoubtedly will help you grow but that’s simply not the truth.

So, let’s go over why it would not help you grow.

Unless you’re the kind of business that not only relies on your IT infrastructure to get business done, but also runs into frequent problems with your technology, a managed IT service will not help your business grow. An IT guy or department won’t help either. The reason for this is simple, IT does not make your business money. It only helps to keep your business running so that you can continue to make more money. So ignore those bothersome cold calling, or emailing for that matter IT support companies who are trying to get you to sign an expensive contract.

Does that mean managed IT services are a waste of money? Of course not. It’s only a waste if you’re a business that does not at all rely on technology to conduct its business. The question is though, why aren’t you one of those that do? The world today without a doubt revolves around technology and the internet only brings this fact to the forefront. It is going to most often be that businesses that thrive on the internet will thrive in person as well. So why exactly would you not learn to use the power of the internet more? Specifically, social media and search engines for more traffic to your business? You alone have that answer.

Anyways, what does this have to do with managed IT? Protection. Protection of your online marketing efforts. Sadly, the more you make yourself available through technology, the more likely you are to be attacked by cyber criminals. But does that scare the people who are at the top of your industry from having an online presence? No!

That’s because there’s a solid chance that your competitor who’s doing better than you has IT support of some kind. Inhouse or managed, it doesn’t matter too much but they have the peace of mind that they have a safe online presence.

In the end, if you don’t believe that you can benefit from having IT service because your business doesn’t use technology then it may be just the time for you to look at your business and see how you can integrate technology into it. Marketing over the internet can be as cheap as free if you know what you’re doing.

If this setting up your business to be technologically savvy sounds difficult then don’t worry. You can hire people for that. Often the same guys who would be giving you IT support.

Because remember, way back in the day you marketed

If you would like to have the chance at making more money then


Because, remember that way back in the day the louder your voice, the more business you would get. There was less people and your community was your customer base. Today you have the world as your customer base. Build your online marketing presence to the point that it’s worth protecting. Because only when it’s worth protecting will it be that an IT service would be a worthwhile investment.


To answer the original question once again, no. Having IT won’t directly make your business more money. It just allows your business to run as best it could to make it’s money.

But ultimately that doesn’t mean that they’re a waste of money either, because look. The bigger your business gets the more employees it needs in specialized positions. When you are the only employee of your company and work out of your home you probably assume the role of a janitor as well. Would you be doing such a thing if you were a bigger company with say, 50 employees? You can, but your efforts are likely better spent elsewhere. Get a janitor instead so that you can focus on what you do best. The same idea goes for an IT service. Sure; you can spend your time learning how to best protect your business from digital threats along with updating your IT infrastructure, but wouldn’t your time be best used for earning more money for the business? At some point you practically need an IT guy or team when your business gets too big. The key is just to know when to get said IT guy because you don’t want to get the service only after you’ve had a critical failure that’s already resulted in you losing lots of money. Because remember this important fact; hardware goes bad, it’s just a question of when. Now maybe you have been lucky, and this has yet to happen to you, but it will go bad, that’s just the nature of it. Worst part is that for some electronics this could be sudden with no clear signs. Grow your business with the integration of technology and protect it before it's too big to fall and crumble your business.




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