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Arthur Zhong

Arthur is a content writer for ETech 7.

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Does managed IT make your business more money?

Does IT make your business more money?

How to get better WiFi Signal

In today’s IT infrastructure lesson let’s talk about extending the range of your WiFi. Why would you want to extend the range of your WiFi? Well, if you have the problem of either losing or getting a weak signal to your WiFi when you go to a certain area of your building then thi...

Computer Data Backup 101

What is a backup?

Can Someone Please Tell Me What IoT Actually Is?

IoT is a common tech buzzword nowadays and while the term may seem intimidating as all technology acronyms tend to be, all it stands for is internet of things. Essentially it means just that, the internet of things. If a thing is tagged with some sort of computer readable info an...

Protecting Data Backup From Natural Threats

Some threats to your data are more natural in nature, and have nothing to do with the hand of mankind.

8 tips for small business to improve computer network safety

In order to know how your business needs to improve its online policies and procedures, the deficiencies and possible breaches in your computer network need to be identified first.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

You probably don’t try to provide your own legal or similar professional services. At the rate technology is evolving, it’s not necessarily a good idea to go at it alone with IT services, either. Your business needs to be flexible, efficient and extremely well-focused to remain ...

Business Growth & Automation

Welcome to ETech 7's blog. Here you can find the latest news, advice, and tips on scaling and automating a business by leveraging the power of information technology.

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