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New York City Small Business Expo 2017

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There is no better place to network with start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs other than the Small Business Expo.


On May 11th thousands of people came together for this year’s Small Business Expo. This expo is the nation’s largest business to business trade show. This year’s expo was filled with networking, educational workshops, and demos for some of the newest products and services available. ETech7 got the opportunity to attend the event and meet with several amazing businesses and individuals.


The Small Business Expo is unlike any other networking event. There is no shortage of educational talks, interactive set-ups, and live demos. In attendance were Geico, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, New York Daily News, MilagrosDay, Empire Cruises, YP Marketing Solutions, and 77WABC Radio to name a few. Each business offered something unique to the Expo. Not only were there larger business but also small business who's work support other start-ups.


Companies like WeWork provide workspaces for businesses seeking creative environments to get work done. SocialFix is a tech plus marketing agency that specializes in helping a business expand their reach via apps and virtual reality. White Box Design Studio are a team of content designers for independent creators.  Companies like these help start-ups grow efficiently and develop their brand.


WeWork virtual office tour

 Expo attendees taking the WeWork virtual office tour


During the expo, there were a few guest speakers. Internet marketing expert Austin Walsh, Armando Montelongo who specializes in real estate, and headlining speaker Bill Walsh. Bill Walsh is a known as America's small business expert. He is a venture capitalist and CEO/Founder of the Success Education/Business Coaching firm Powerteam International.

Bill Walsh hosts and speaks all over the world. his primary goal is to educate listeners about developing their passion for success, becoming an expert in their field, developing their creative marketing skills, and how to successfully become a good public speaker. Walsh captivates audiences by speaking with conviction and passion.


Guest speaker Bill Walsh

 Guest Speaker Bill Walsh 


We have all heard of speed dating, similarly, the Small Business Expo brought us speed networking. Speed networking is a fun activity that allows individuals to get to know each other briefly before switching tables to speak with someone else.  


Those few moments gave each person a chance to introduce themselves and talk about what they do and who they are. Speed networking is a great way to break the ice quickly and get to know someone who may have the ability to help your business. Finding the right people to collaborate with can be tough, but through speed networking, there is a higher chance for meeting someone interesting who may be a new asset to your company.


Small Business Expo

 attendees are awaiting the next guest speaker on the main stage. 


Technological advancements help businesses thrive in an ever-evolving market. During this day and age, the technology we use is rapidly advancing, and businesses must keep up, or else they run the risk of getting left behind.  The expo was a great opportunity for people to get their hands on some cool gadgets. Microsoft, worldwide leader in software, services, devices, and solutions, displayed some of their newest surfaces; these interactive tablets are great for businesses but also helpful to creatives. 


 Expo attendee testing out the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4

 Expo attendee testing out the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4


The Small Business Expo happens every year in over sixteen cities. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, I highly reccomend going to the small Business expo. Each year, there are so many new things to learn and intresting people to meet.

Taylor Carty

Business Growth & Automation

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