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Protecting Data Backup From Natural Threats

Some threats to your data are more natural in nature, and have nothing to do with the hand of mankind.


Data is a powerful component of most systems in the modern world, and data backup is a natural extension of this need. As well, keeping data backed up is also a key factor in keeping your data protected. The more places your data is backed up, the better you are able to protect both its integrity and its overall information. While your data may not be hacked by human or malicious software, there are also other threats that can make data storage a very positive solution. Chief among these potential threats is the possibility that at any moment, your data may be ravaged by some kind of natural disaster. When even a storm can deactivate the power to the area where your data is stored for several days at a stretch, it is completely plausible that this down time can cost you dearly.

*Every threat is constant

*Thinking ahead is crucial to protecting to your data

Secure data backup is a component of keeping up data that typically conjures up mental images of having servers that are kept protected by difficult and frequently changed passwords that even the best brute force hacking software would have a very difficult time penetrating. However, given that even the best hardware has a 2-4% failure rate within the first year after purchase, even when it is under warranty, there is always the possibility for data loss without the presence of any kind of malicious intent from anyone. However, the possibility that your data could be lost even if no one has any intention of taking it from you essentially says that your data has potential threats that go far beyond anything the manufacturer has put into its marketing materials. Some threats are environmental.


The environment plays a massive role in any kind of threat assessment, and as such the environment into which your computer and other systems are placed is under the constant threat of having a natural issue make short work of your data. If the system fails, there is also a good chance that the data that is contained within that system is also going to fail. As such, your system's data can be threatened by something that is as small and seemingly innocuous as a thunder storm, or it can be totally knocked out permanently by something like a tornado, a tsunami or a flood. While it is natural to assume that you could possibly figure out some way to heroically save your data in the moment, this kind of thinking makes a lot of assumptions that may not be able to come true at the time.

For example, are you always going to be close to your information's main storage device? If this is the case, will you actually care enough during the event of a natural disaster, where your very life may also be threatened at the same time, to proactively work to save your data? In most people's cases, the answer to such a question would be no. While your data is important to your business, it is obviously not as important as your life is. Because of this understanding, hopefully you now know why it is so vital to take proactive and early measures to back up your data now, instead of operating in the hope that you could figure out "something" during a tense and potential dangerous situation as it unfolds.

When your health is threatened by a natural catastrophe, asking anyone to risk life and limb to seek out the physical storage component of even the most precious data in a building where the structure may be compromised or to engage with weather conditions that could be hazardous is unrealistic and even potentially illegal.


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