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The NYC Cybersecurity Conference: Teaching Small Businesses How To Protect Themselves From Threats.

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The NYC Cybersecurity conference, hosted by Data Connectors, featured over sixty vendors and held over twelve educational speaker sessions. Some of the hot topics of the conference were email security, VoIP, LAN security, and wireless security. Business is more vulnerable than ever, so it is essential that conferences like the NYC Cybersecurity Conference exist. Education is the number one way to help companies stay safe from threats and know the latest techniques that hackers and cybercriminals are using. This conference's number one goal was to educate and influence CEOs and decision makers so that they put their cybersecurity needs to the forefront.

Business training company KnowBe4 wants to help you protect your personal information as well as your company's info. Run by well versed IT professionals inside of the security world, Knowbe4 was the perfect guest speaker at the conference. This is because they are the world's most popular integrated platform for awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks so, they know a thing or two about protection.

By taking old school training methods and modernizing them, they can prepare any CEO for the dangers that lurk in their email inbox. However, what exactly is the strategy here? Knowbe4 created a fully automated simulated phishing attack with multiple templates to show how these threats look. By showing your employees what these risks look like, they will begin to learn what malicious threats.

Cybersecurity comes in many forms, learning to protect your business on your own from attacks is very important. However, even the most well-trained team of people cannot do it all on their own. That is where Imperva comes in. Imperva wants to protect your company on the back end. They offer protection business-critical data applications in the cloud and on-premises.

“Security is not this black or white static value where you are secure or nonsecure.” - Nick Silver WhiteHat Security

As we all know, Cybercriminals are constantly creating new tactics to lure in victims. Impervia knows that these hackers are after your money no matter how they choose to take it. These criminals commonly extort information via DDoS, ransomware, and database breaches. It is vital that for a business of any size you are protected from threats.

Imperva, Knowbe4 and all of the other companies in attendance want users to be ready for any cyber attack. So, here are a few fantastic security tips we gathered from the Cybersecurity conference.

Make sure to update!

  • Performing regular security updates on your software can protect your operating system from outside threats. Updating is also vital for programs to continue to be effective over time.

Back it up!

  • No matter the information, make sure you are always backing up your files, data, and resources. It is also crucial to make sure everything is duplicated and secure. Your files are the backbone of your business, and losing them could potentially lead to a loss of sales or a potential attack.

Always keep an eye on things.

  • Always be aware of who you choose to work with. No matter if they are a part of your team or an outsourced IT company your security is in their hands so, make sure they are trustworthy. Running a background check is simple and worth the time of any concerned business owner.

Train your staff.

Like Knowbe4 and many other companies stress, it is crucial to have a well-trained staff. Making sure your team knows the difference between a safe or malicious email can make or break your overall company's safety.

Teaching is the number one goal of the NYC CyberSecurity conference. Each session was as informative as it was entertaining. Each company who presented had many insights to share that were relevant to this year's ever-changing cyber climate. No company wants to lose sensitive data, pay a ransom or lose precious business time while trying to fix damages from a cyber attack. Keeping cybersecurity for your business is crucial for business success.

Taylor Carty

Business Growth & Automation

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