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Using Social Media to Grow your Business? Look no Further!

Starting up your own business is an exciting occasion; however, it can seem difficult to grow a following when you are self-made. This isn’t to say that you won’t make it- some of the most successful companies started with one person and their idea. Building from the ground up takes a lot of dedication and persistence, and it may take a while before you start seeing results. Regardless, it is important to use every method you can to build a presence.


In terms of building a presence, what is more influential in today’s age than social media? At the beginning of the 21st century, getting connected through online websites and applications was slowly gaining recognition. Nowadays, there isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard of at least one social media platform. Think about it- how often do you visit sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? People consistently check their news feed to learn about the newest events, which makes it a lot easier to promote yourself.


     i. Expand and Generate more Traffic


One of the first ways to establish yourself is in researching how to promote your website. Your website is your hub, your selling point, your credibility, and your best friend. It is important that you make sure it's informative and credible. By expanding on your website design, layout, and description, you are halfway there. You want to make sure your website is attractive to all possible customers, and that when people come across posts advertising your product that they feel comfortable with your services.


These are some things to build upon regarding your website:

  • A description of your services- be clear in stating who you are, what you do, why potential clients should trust you, and any other information you feel is important. Include details about what you do and how you can help any interested clients! Clients should feel at ease reading what you have to say, and they shouldn’t be left with any further questions besides “where do I sign up?”, of course! If you have a list of credentials and testimonials, include that as well. It’s all about that trust.
  • A page dedicated to answering any questions about your company and the work your company does- Check out our list of FAQs about managed IT service providers- remember to keep it straightforward and useful!
  • An informative, varied, and frequent blog page about information relevant to your business- Make sure to keep your posts interesting and useful. The purpose of these posts is to draw people in and get them interested in the material you are writing. If you’re reading this blog, for example, you are on ETech 7’s website. If you were interested in learning more about our blog or our company, you would have access to it by visiting this page.

Going hand in hand with social media, the first step to generate traffic to your social media pages is to add visual cues. This means including icons that connect to your social media pages and adding the option to share an article.


     ii. Establish your Brand and Create Recognition


When expanding your social media presence, it is necessary to spend time marketing your sites. This article by Forbes has a great in-depth article about what steps you can take to grow your social media presence. In summary, you must make sure you have a goal. Along with having a goal is being active- it’s important to interact with your audience and show an interest in their questions and concerns.


Your social media accounts should be providing valuable content just like your website. Having a calendar of articles and posts your putting out on each site is a good way to get your mission in line. Try to get your name out there in every way possible- not just the known social media sites, but other smaller ones, such as review sites. Your clients are always looking for a reason to like and follow your page- what’s in it for them? Are they interested in your content?


     iii. User-Friendly

user friendly

Make sure your site is as user-friendly as possible. User experience is one of the most useful tools to a successful website. Without a platform that is easy to use and visually pleasing, people will be less inclined to check out your products. Some things to be aware of when making a user-friendly website is using white space, having a quick page speed time, and using images. Check out this list from Hubspot for more in-depth points!


     iv. Personalize your Brand

brand 2

One of the most exciting but difficult things to accomplish when growing your business is making it personal to you. Why did you start your business? What makes it different than the other businesses around? There are multiple ways to get people interested in your brand- one aspect of branding that people love is personability. By being relatable, sharing your personality, and being transparent with your audience, you are sure to get your message across. Don’t you find yourself wanting to support a business you love?


     v. Contests, Giveaways, Discounts, etc.


Though it is necessary to make a steady profit on your services, a great way to draw people in and get them coming back for more is to give them some incentive. By having contests, giveaways, or discounts on your products, you’re allowing the customer to try your service before they decide whether they want to give you their business.


     vii. Post Consistently


Seemingly simple, but a very significant aspect of growing your social media account. If your posts are varied and inconsistent, chances are your audience is less likely to follow. When your clients can look forward to new information let’s say twice a week, it is easier for them to tune in and invest time.


The best way to keep your posts on a schedule is by making a calendar and scheduling dates. Make lists of ideas to write about so that you’re not stuck when your audience is expecting content. Make sure that your blogs are educational, but also fun to read.


     viii. Connections


Connections, connections, connections. You know what they say- it’s all about who you know, not what you know. While this isn’t entirely true, it does certainly help to have someone help you get in touch. Reach out to people who have like-minded ideas and see if there is any way you could be beneficial to them. At first, it may be a matter of lending a helping hand and getting in touch, but the more you network and build relationships, the better it is for your business in the long run. Check out this list on Forbes for a step-by-step guide to building your network.


Overall, building your business can often seem like a slow, grueling process. However, the more you get yourself out there and set yourself up for opportunities, the better chance you have of reaching success. Good luck, and get going!


ETech 7 is a managed IT services company dedicated to providing superior quality service to a wide range of businesses. Leveraging state of the art software and world class service, ETech 7 strives to deliver affordable and reliable solutions for your company’s IT needs. For more information, visit

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