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4 Issues Cloud Drive Storage Solves (Cloud Data Backup)

Let’s say your laptop is destroyed and nothing can be retrieved. No files, programs, not even your family photos. What would you do?


Now Imagine this on an Enterprise level.


Important documents, reports, KPIs all gone.


Here at ETech 7 there’s a saving grace we have in place and that’s Cloud Drive Storage.


4 Issues Cloud Drive Storage Solves (Cloud Data Backup)





Backing up and storing to the cloud solves 4 common issues our and your business might encounter.



4 Common Issues Cloud Drive Storage Solves Are:


 - Safety

 - Affordability

 - Convenience

 - Cloud Management







Safety is always a concern in anything you do. 


With your data backed up and stored on the Cloud, you can be rest assured that your data is safe from hazardous suprises.


All of your customer profiles and client lists can be safely stored to a server at an off-site or on-site location separate from yours.

Cloud Drive Storage Safety


If you have concerns about its security, many cloud storage servers use heavy software encryption and operate on high level security infrastructures.


If your data is highly sensitive and requires additional levels of security, you can further encrypt your data with other storage security systems together.


If your data is prone to possible hazards you can’t anticipate, Cloud Drive Storage services often include a Backup Solution.


One being, Disaster Recovery which accommodates for such tragedies. Disaster Recovery in a nutshell is an area of data security that aims to resurrect business operations following a disaster.


Learn more about Disaster Recovery and its perks.







A Cloud Drive Storage is fairly inexpensive when compared to flash or hard drive storages.


No longer are the days of floppy discs and other external storage devices.


Yes, a few people still prefer external hard drives, but there is a limitation that comes with it.


That limitation is Space.


Once one hard drive is filled, another additional drive is needed. Simply to accommodate for Space.


Hard drives are not cheap, and on a Business level those costs can add up.


With Cloud Storage Systems, this problem is fixed with the added benefit of Scalability.


Every business needs scalability to grow and expand.


Therefore, a Cloud-Based Storage Solution is both Suitable and Necessary.


Also with scalability, you can better optimize between the amount of storage you do and do not need relative to your company's available expenses.




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How painful would it be if all your data were on flash drives and you had to update or modify this information.

Cloud Drive Storage Solves Convenience


It can be a breeze if the flash drive is right at your desk.


Unfortunately, this is not always the case.


Circumstances may require you to travel. For example, to meet a client.


Sometimes this involves going out of state or even abroad.


If that IS the case, when pitching to a new client or updating a current one, you may want or need to display your data before them.


Which is impossible to accomplish when those flash drives are still at your desk.


Here is where the need for a Cloud-Based Backup service comes in.


The Cloud is a major benefit in terms of Convenience.


Giving You Information at your Fingertips.




Cloud Management


When you use a Cloud Backup service, the headache to traverse your data is extremely minimal.


Management between the types of data and the categories they fall under can all be structured and scaled as you see fit.

 Cloud Drive Storage Solves Cloud Management


With such an ability, you can control the various types of data you have and group them accordingly.


Another benefit amongst Cloud Management is Costs Forecasting.


Learn more about Costs Forecasting and how to predict cloud costs for 3-Year Forecastings.


Note that some Cloud Backup services don’t offer costs forecasting so be sure to the check if a plan or service provides it.


For more on Cloud Management and Costs Forecasting speak to a Certified IT Expert.








Managing such infrastructure requires a set of steps.


Often you will find yourself repeating those same steps and that can get annoying and time consuming.


Cloud-Based Backup solves this problem through Automation.


Automation is key to any business’s growth and survival in competitive markets.


For Entrepenuers and CEOs, developing a business to operate autonomously is not for the faint of heart.


Neither is it for your Data.


Having a manual process to supervise and operate, can significantly slow and delay your business' growth and systems.


Automation within Cloud-Based Backup systems creates a sense of ease for simple functions such as, updating and deleting data, segmentation between data, and rearrangement of that data.


Automation especially allows for Continuous Integration.


Integration provides Capacity Management and when it is automated, can reduce simple and even complex operational burdens you must attend to on a regular basis.





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