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Esther Meir

Esther Meir
Esther is a content writer and marketer for Etech7. She specializes in writing in-depth guides to help small business owners stay up to date on the latest tech trends. In her free time she plays violin, reads fantasy novels, and eats mint chocolate ice cream.
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Are Managed Services Actually Worth It?

As an employee for a managed IT services company, the easy thing for me to say would be "absolutely! managed IT support is the best thing in the entire world." 


But I'm not going to do that to you. I'm going to be real.


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What exactly does an it support company do?


Choosing an IT support company is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. Celebrated tech innovations from the past century has extended itself into the business world. It is no longer enough for businesses to solely focus on isolated business str...

What is a server maintenance plan and why is it important? (Updated July 2017)



Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance is the process of keeping the server updated and running to ensure that the organization’s computer network is operating smoothly. The network administrator usually does this, and it is crucial to the performance of the business. Witho...


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