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ETech 7 Blog: Monthly Roundup for April 2018

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  • Spring has finally sprung! From managed IT services to migrating to the cloud via Microsoft Office 365 - add more to your knowledge by checking all of ETech 7's blog posts for the month of April 2018! 
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  • How High is Your High Availability? What is high availability? High availability is an aspect of system design that ensures your network is running when you need it to. Networks, and the computers that make up the networks, have many components that all need to be working in order to be “available”. If one of these components aren’t working properly, then you might experience significant downtime where you can’t access your network or services. Read more HERE.
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  • How Networks Work For Your BusinessIf you’re growing your business, you might have realized that your current one computer, one printer setup just won’t cut it any more. If you add on additional devices, like servers, printers, or computers, you’ll need a way to get them to function in sync with each other. In this article, we’ll discuss how a network is used in getting businesses to operate efficiently. Read more HERE.
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  • How Does A LAN For Business Work?For business owners, setting up networks to allow multiple computers and devices to communicate can be difficult; not because it’s complicated, but because it can become very tedious. As seemingly minor errors or omissions can have drastic consequences, many business owners opt to hire IT professionals to set up their networks. This week, without getting hyper-technical, we’ll talk about local area networks, or LAN - what they are, how they work, and why they’re awesome. Read more HERE.
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  • Managed IT Services: How Can It Help Your Business? - Back in 2012, a huge chunk of my day would involve transcribing 30-40-minute interviews that I have conducted the day before. I remember using an audio foot pedal to go back 15 seconds into the audio file to make sure that I heard a word correctly or that I did not miss important information that my interviewee mentioned. One step on the pedal would take you back for 15 seconds and two quick steps would take you back for 30 seconds. Such a hassle, right? Read more HERE.
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  • Microsoft Office 365: Why You Should Consider Moving to the Cloud?Cloud this, cloud that. We’ve all heard about the “cloud” and all its wonderful features but have we ever stopped and thought – where the heck is this cloud and what exactly does this cloud do? Read more HERE.


Stay tuned for more informative pieces by ETech 7!

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