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Don’t Forget The RAM – Keep Your Livestock In Check

It might be a cute title, but just like how much livestock a farmer has limits how much milk he can produce (or how many fields he can plow, if he’s doing things the old-fashioned way), a computer’s RAM determines how many processes the computer can handle. Let’s take a look at...

10 Ways to Keep Your Computer Network and System Safe

  1. Antivirus (and an alternative antivirus or malware scanner?)

The first line of defense for any computer user should be a robust anti-virus program. These programs will scan your computer periodically for any malicious software. Many computers will come with an anti-virus prog...

How To Recognize A Computer Scam

For the better part of modern human history, people have been devising new and inventive ways to swindle others out of their money. In the past, these scams were limited to the small audience that the con artist could reach. Today, it’s easy to reach anyone through a computer, ...

Doctors or Technicians? Flaws in Electronic Health Care Records Exposed

At first glance, electronic health records (EHR) seem like a great way to store patient information. A doctor could call up your medical history at the swipe of a finger, and send off a prescription to a pharmacy from the same screen. You may have been to a doctor’s office where ...

Top Tech Trends of 2017 and What to Look Forward to in 2018

Technological advancements, now more than ever, influence our lives in a way that was unimaginable just a few short years ago. As 2017 comes to a close, let’s take a look back at those trends that got us talking and what we can expect more of in the coming year.

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